Just like many world-leading brands, having success has led to our products being copied by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, it's all too frequent that we're asked if a counterfeit website is real, or hear a story about someone who accidentally purchased SKIN79 online.

Protect yourself and those you care about by buying only authentic SKIN79 products from an authorized retailer like us. You'll never see current SKIN79 products priced unbelievably lower than it's regular retail price by any authorized retailer, as you often see from unauthorized web resellers on ebay and amazon. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.



Counterfeiting is not only illegal, but also dangerous.

After analyzing the content of counterfeit products, we know that instead of the high quality and complete ingredients used by SKIN79, counterfeiters often do not use the complete ingredients and proper dosage amounts. These low grade ingredients used may have a significant health risk to unsuspecting consumers. 

Even more frightening is that for a person that may use a fake product, not manufactured from a quality controlled and monitored manufacturing plant, can cause adverse reactions to your skin.

Finally, counterfeit isn't just a danger to your health, but also your wallet. Counterfeit sites are unlikely to offer a refund once a fake product is delivered. Moreover, without secure payment processing, your credit or identity could be at risk.




We have decided to abolish the system, “Authenticity Label” which has been carried out since 2010 with the purpose of accurately identifying between the fake-authentic products. 


However, still there are few misleading to differentiate authentic products, we would like to provide accurate information. So please check the picture above to distinguish for more clear understanding. On the left side of picture, it is the previous product before abolishment of the system and the right side of the picture, it is the authentic SKIN79 products you can see now since the first half of the year, 2013 except some exception products.

From now on, we will keep you updating about this information and appreciate your attention in advance. 



If you suspect that you may be the target of fraud and you would like to file an official report, please contact us:

Please email us at: admin@theskinstore.com.au